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HubSpot Marketing Hub Alternative: The benefits of choosing Stackk

Delivering comprehensive, delightful digital experiences is complex and time-consuming. As a marketer, you want to depend on tools that make your job easier and help you standardize best practices across your sites. While HubSpot has been popular, that may not be the best choice for your needs. Stackk, built on open source Mautic and WordPress is the best alternative to HubSpot. Since Stackk is built on open-source, it will always be simple, affordable, and easy to use.

1. Built for Agencies

Stackk is built for agencies, HubSpot is not.

Managing sites from multiple dashboards is time-consuming and frustrating. With Stackk, you can manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. Your customers can manage their content and digital experiences all in one place.

Retain your customers for a lifetime. Stackk can be white-labeled to serve your customers with your own brand. That way, you always stay on the top of mind for your customers.

With HubSpot, you build digital experiences and leave your clients to HubSpot. With Stackk, you build digital experiences with your own brand and retain your clients for a lifetime.

2. Simple and Affordable

Stackk is built on open source and AWS cloud – that makes it simple and affordable.

Open-source WordPress and Mautic are two pillars of Stackk’s core value. That means there’s a broad ecosystem that develops and supports the tools you use. It’s also easier to learn and find talent to develop digital experiences.

Stackk is affordable because of its open source based architecture. Moreover, Agencies get to choose one plan that helps them serve all their customers – it becomes even more affordable as the volume increases.

3. Freedom with Your Own Email Service Provider

Stackk requires you to bring your own Email Service Provider (ESP). That’s a deliberate choice we made – so that you can maintain your own email reputation, not let others’ email activities ruin your reputation. You’ll always have the freedom to deliver any content to any email address of your choice. No more HubSpot policing of your emails.

4. Open Platform

Your data in Stackk’s WordPress and Mautic is always compatible with open source. That means you can always import to and export from Stackk without any hassle. No proprietary data formats, no vendor lock-ins.

Open source also brings enormous credibility when you take your offering to your customers.

Stackk Vs. HubSpot 

Platform Feature ComparisonHubSpotStackk
 Built for Agencies 
White Label Custom Branding  x   
Powered by Open Source  x   
One plan for all client sites  x   
Dashboard for managing multiple sites  x   
Fully Managed 
Managed Website     
Managed Marketing Automation     
Unlimited Users     
SSL Certificates     
Backup & Restore     
Instant Setup  ?   
Connect a Custom Domain ?   
Import Content and Data  ?   
Export Content and Data  ?   
Transferable Sites  x   
Truly Open Platform  x   
Cloud Hosted   
Hosted on AWS cloud     
Multi-level cache  ?   
Advanced security  ?   
Resource isolation  ?   
High availability  ?   
Load balanced  ?   
Serverless architecture  ?   
Built for cloud scale  ?   
Core Marketing 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)    
Social sharing widget     
Google analytics integration     
Google tag manager integration     
Social media monitoring     
Advanced analytics     
Tracking script manager     
Integrate customer data     
Multi-channel Marketing 
Email marketing     
SMS marketing     
Push notifications     
Advanced Marketing 
Landing Pages     
A/B Testing    
Dynamic Personalized Content     
Lead Scoring     
Campaign Automation     
Customer Journey Mapping     
Schedule Email Campaigns    
Progressive Profiling ?   
Customer Intelligence  ?   
Bring your own ESP  x   
Email Content Freedom  x   

As more and more companies embrace digital marketing, the competition in the industry is heating up. The trend is primarily driven by a growing need to automate end to end processes, that includes website, marketing, related tasks, customer retention, high demand for personalization, and predictive lead scoring.  

Both the platforms- HubSpot and Stackk offer a range of features that meet the needs of marketing team. However, we are pretty confident with our comparison that if you’re looking for a simple and affordable platform, that is best suited for Agencies, then Stackk would be the right choice for your team.

Discover how Stackk’s comprehensive Digital Experience platform can help scale your business.

Updated on December 15, 2021

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