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HubSpot alternative: Why is Stackk a better choice?

You have a potential client who wants you to build him the site end to end. He wants you to track his site visits, run marketing campaigns apart from the other digital marketing.

Definitely wants you to throw SEO in, emails to be set up, landing pages set up and all the good hosting pieces of the puzzle.

The Hubspot Trap

You are tempted to buy hubspot given all the buzz about its marketing capabilities and their tall claims to help in site hosting too. Is all the buzz legitimate or do you think there is more than that meets the eye ??

Here we will give you the compelling reasons why Hubspot may not be the right fit for you and what you can do if you want to host and market your business !

1. Is Hubspot really all in one ?

If you are ready to shell out a lot of money – A whole lot of money then yes Hubspot is really an all-in-one tool. You don’t have to believe us.

… Once you get into the paid version, it’s spendy, especially if you don’t use all the features. The products section isn’t really feature-rich …

verified hubspot customer review on capterra.com

Their starter plan for $40/month does not offer any web-hosting. With their marketing hub you will have to pay for every 1000 contacts ! Their free version which has been recently launched is an eye-wash which is very restrictive. Like only 5 email templates, 5 snippets and 5 documents ! And none of the automated features and work-flows are available in the free version.

With stringent contracts you cannot decide to discontinue Hubspot until the contract period ends and will be billed for the entire subscription period if you are unhappy with the product !!

2. Hosting set up drawbacks

You will need to learn a new markup language, HubL to leverage the full feature set of Hubspot. Also Hubspot templates are extremely hard to customize and needs professional expertise to do the same.

3. Lack of ecommerce data support

If you are looking to sell merchandise via your site Hubspot does not allow you to use your own database. Rather it mandates you to use their database and you have no way to pull details into your site from a database. And extra migration needs extra add-on purchase !

4. Lack of A/B testing support

One of the important tools for online presence is to find out which of the ad strategy works – using A/B testing. However something as basic as this is not offered by Hubspot in the basic version. A basic digital marketing strategy tool to know whether your campaigns are effective or not is available only in the professional version of Hubspot !

5. Usability

” _It is not intuitive to use. You have to hunt and find “how-tos” for most tasks. _I tried using the marketing mail feature and due to some triggers they have set up am now permanently locked out from ever using that function again;  “

customer review about Hubspot on capterra.com

Repeatedly the complexity of hubspot is a hindering roadblock in its usage. Pretty much all the features are sold as independent entities making it hard for SMEs to buy and use only the necessary features !

Hubspot is based on a closed-source platform managed by an internal proprietary which makes it hard to refine and verify.

6. Technical Support

Hubspot charges extra for technical support. Given the complexity of hubspot you can be damn assured that you will pay more than what you sign up for with hubspot.

What Stackk offers you ?

  1. Complete bundle of web-hosting and digitial marketing automation starting from the free version
  2. Given that 35% of the internet is hosted by wordpress the popularity of wordpress as a webhosting tool is unmatched. Stackk has wordpress integrated so you can leverage all of wordpress capabilities. With Stackk you can create a site in 5 minutes flat.
  3. Stackk however is highly configurable to any database and provides free db integrations.
  4. With Stackk you will be amazed at the ease of use. The dashboard feature allows drag and drop so you can quickly set up your campaigns and triggers. Hey you always have the free version to try out all the features offered by Stackk!
  5. Stackk is based on two open source platforms WordPress and Mautic which hands you support from a community of developers, designers and marketers !!

Create your website, run campaigns, A/B testing, set up SEO, manage your prospective campaigns, migrate your existing website, segmenting your customers – What are you still waiting for – Switch to Stackk and see the difference !

Updated on September 9, 2020

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