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Stackk vs WPEngine

WP Engine Alternative: The benefits of choosing Stackk

WP Engine and Stackk are Managed WordPress platforms. We know Agencies always have a choice, when it comes to building, running and managing websites for their clients. We want to ensure that they can deliver delightful digital experiences that are seamless, user-friendly, comprehensive and affordable.

Everything that you need for a perfect first impression is what you will find here at Stackk. As an Agency, if you are looking to deliver comprehensive digital experiences beyond Managed WordPress hosting, we got you covered. Powered by Open Source and hosted on the AWS Cloud, Stackk’s unique, powerful solution with Managed WordPress, and Mautic is meant for delivering a delightful digital experience for your customers.

It’s unlike any other solution you will find. Let’s explore why!

Creating a website is a key online strategy for any business. But in reality, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. If your goals include

  • Creating, hosting and managing a website?
  • Managing your end-to-end digital marketing?
  • Delivering integrated digital experiences to your clients?
  • Retaining your clients for a lifetime?
  • Managing your overall branding?
  • Or all of the above, when you visualize the long-term growth of your brand?

When you’re getting a business off the ground, finding the time, confidence and resources to figure out these end-to-end digital business tactics can be difficult.

Why Deliver just a website, when you can automate your entire digital experience through Stackk?

Platform Feature Comparison  WP Engine Stackk 
Fully Managed 
Managed WordPress   
Instant Setup   
Connect a Custom Domain   
Unlimited Users   
SSL Certificates   
Import Content Data   
Export Content Data   
Transferable Sites   
Backup & Restore   
Managed Mautic ×  
Truly Open Platform  
Cloud Hosted   
Multi-level cache   
Advanced security  
Resource isolation  
High availability  
Load balanced  
Serverless architecture  
Built for cloud scale  
Hosted on cloud AWS 
Core Marketing   
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   
Social sharing widget   
Google analytics integration   
Google tag manager integration   
Social media monitoring ×  
Advanced analytics ×  
Tracking script manager ×  
Integrate customer data ×  
Multi-channel Marketing   
Email marketing ×  
SMS marketing ×  
Push notifications ×  
Advanced Marketing   
Landing Pages ×  
A/B Testing ×  
Segmentation ×  
Dynamic Personalized Content ×  
Lead Scoring ×  
Progressive Profiling ×  
Customer Intelligence ×  
Campaign Automation ×  
Customer Journey Mapping ×  
Schedule Email Campaigns ×  
Built for Agencies   
White Labelling Minimal Complete 
Integrations ×  
Dashboard for managing multiple sites ×  

Agencies thrive when they partner with Stackk, and for a good reason: we offer a complete suite so that they can grow their business, and create delightful digital experiences for their clients.

Ready to see the power of Stackk (web+marketing) integrated platform?

Updated on December 15, 2021

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