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Stackk vs WPEngine

Stackk: The faster, affordable, cost-effective alternative to the WPEngine and much more…

Why chose just a WordPress hosting server when you can improve sales and business on top of hosting a robust website!

Why shell out a whole lot of dough for a basic plan with WPEngine if you can get over and above with the premium version of Stackk ??

You can have the cake and eat it too ! Read on…

So you want to set up a website for your or your customer that

  • Is cost-effective
  • Is quick and easy to set up
  • Is secure and scalable
  • Is robust
  • Helps with digital marketing          

Thank you for evaluating us and we know you are comparing us to popular products like WPEngine and look no further.  This article will enlighten and convince you on how we are all that WPEngine does and far better.

Now there are several reasons why WPEngine is popular

  • Robust website set up based on wordpress
  • Automated back-ups
  • Reliable and secure
  • Deployed on cloud
  • Scalable
  • Multilevel caching
  • SEO optimization
  • free site migrations
  • centralised dashboard for easy site management tracking and analytics

Enter Stackk, a better, more comprehensive managed WordPress hosting service with integrated digital marketing capabilities that also costs you less.

We built Stackk with business performance in mind, so it has all the best features of WP Engine plus a whole range of extras which are specifically designed to make your life easier. All this is available for FREE on our basic plan, and at a far lower monthly cost than WP Engine for our premium plans.

We’re the best choice to help your online business become both more efficient and more successful. Here is why !

In addition to providing all of the features WPEngine boasts of, stackk.com also offers additional benefits targeted at marketing agencies to be able to provide their customers with a powerful inbuilt marketing suite.

Stackk’s Integrated Marketing Suite

Beyond all the excellent baseline managed WordPress hosting features, it’s Stackk’s integrated marketing suite that really sets it apart from WP Engine. The set of marketing-focused tools, powered by Mautic, is built directly into the software, meaning it can help your business become more visible and, ultimately, more successful.

None of these features are offered by WPEngine !!

What does this really mean for the business ?

While we believe setting up an easy, robust, scalable wordpress based website is an excellent support to your business it is in no-way enough to sustain or grow your business. That is why we are delighted and proud to offer you Stackk’s marketing suite which will help you not only grow but also offer insights to thrive in your business.

The marketing suite is already included in all of the versions of Stackk ( free or paid ) and no additional configuration or installation needs to be done. The following are the stand-apart tools and features you can add to your marketing arsenal that is NOT available in WPEngine.

Automated Lead Management

Online businesses are constantly looking for new ways to convert prospective customers into actual customers. Whether your leads are in your site to casually browse, find interesting products, want more information – Stackk captures all the prospects based on powerful engine and allows you to segment and run successful campaigns against your leads.  

Not only that ! We collect customer metrics from all sources be it Instagram, twitter or Facebook.

Best part is you don’t have to do anything !! All of this is integrated and readily available to you – even with the free version !

  • Lead generation -Your leads are automatically scored and ranked in accordance with their value to your business, using behavioural, demographic, and technographic-based scoring.
  • Lead Nurturing – Interact with and engage your leads, progress them through the sales funnel, and effectively coordinate marketing campaigns with your sales cycles to empower your brand.
  • Progressive Profiling – Build and create a specific audience for your business by identifying target customers, their needs and how to customize your product to suit your customers better. Build a better understanding of your potential customers with highly targeted queries. Avoid putting customers off with overly long research forms.

WPEngine does NOT do anything about your leads !!


According to campaignmonitor.com,

running campaigns against targeted customers can lead to 760% increase in revenue

56% of people unsubscribe from emails as the content is no longer relevant.

With such importance to segmentation, why would you miss out on a key factor to improve business by choosing WPEngine?  Stackk offers integrated segmentation assistance with a few clicks to build effective demographic, age based segments ( or any other category you want to )  to run campaigns for targeted customers.

Choosing The Right Segment

Page builder

Create customized landing pages for the different promotions, offers, campaigns using simple drag and drop interface – no technical expertise required.  You can only imagine doing something as tailored as this in WPEngine.

A/B Testing

One of the easy yet sophisticated marketing analysis to test your marketing strategy is A/B Testing. Stackk provides help for A/B testing for their landing pages via Mautic.  Decide which promotional offer will promote your business just a few clicks ! WPEngine does not come close to helping anything like this for your business.

Customer interaction tracking

“What are the pages your customer spent more time on ?

What stage of shopping was the cart abandoned ?

How many clicked the link on the promotional offer ?”

Stackk powered by Mautic helps you get all the information about users’ engagement with your products and business. All the touchpoints with the customer can be monitored and using the insights you can build your offers and promotions.  Good luck with doing this with WPEngine !

Automated Campaign builder

Use visual campaign builder, triggered actions, scheduled emails on customer segments to engage your customers across various communication channels. The visual campaign builder needs no technical expertise and can be performed by novices

Not only this – Stackk has also inbuilt post-campaign analysis to help you decide on market trends, customer behaviour to help you streamline and grow your business.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Given the digital generation we are in its hard to select one channel of marketing and sales over another. That’s why with Stackk you can reach more potential customers wherever they are – Emails, web, social media – you name the channels ! We can track and give you customer insights from any of the following sources

  • Emails
  • Push notifications
  • SMS
  • Focus items and popups
  • Social media
  • Remarketing


The Stackk platform is built from a foundation of open-source software. This makes it more widely compatible than many other providers, as well as developer-friendly in case you want to add new features and integrations.

As a business we are convinced that you can derive a lot out of your buck by choosing Stackk over WPEngine. Stackk offers all of what WPEngine has to offer plus a rich set of marketing tools to grow and thrive !

Updated on August 10, 2020

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